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Dr Juhi Garg
Founder & CEO at DivIn Pro

Aspire For Her is one of the most informative and active platforms for #EntrepreNaaris like me. By following them on social media, I got to know about the WSP 4.0 Program of IIM Bangalore with which I am happily preincubated now. I recommend all women entrepreneurs to engage with the platform and grow together.

Sayantani Mandal
Sayantani Mandal
Founder, What’s Up Wellness

The cohort reinforced my belief in what I am doing. Special thank you to each one of you.

When there is so much resonating passion, one can only feel more optimistic about what lies ahead.

Cohesively put. Miles to go before we sleep. Thank you once again.

Yashika Gupta

The conversation was candid & real. I would love to hear such amazing stories and get inspired.

I love STEP Cohort, honestly. I didn’t know about it before but through this webinar I learnt about it.

Would request you to bring in more amazing speakers like this with such platforms and opportunity to learn. Also the next theme could be a workshop we can shuffle like that probably.

Anjum Bilal
Co Founder and R&D Head

I take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for every effort taken to groom the Cohort members. It is very difficult to find a platform like this now-a-days because everyone expects monetary benefits in return.  In the current scenario, people have lost that humane touch. And Aspire For Her is like a bridge that helps every woman reach their goals by crossing hurdles. I really liked the purpose of the team, which is to work for the upliftment of every woman. The Aspire For Her platform is really big and I am really excited to be a part of the family.

Akshya Shree
Akshya Shree
Founder, Silpakamran

I love the way this community supports each other! In case you want something from my end I will be more than happy to do that!

Kajal Bhatia
Kajal Bhatia
Founder, Plant Power

Honestly, this kind of support is unreal. I truly love Aspire For Her and it’s initiative with EntrepreNaari. You guys are amazing!

Rashi Bahel
Rashi Bahel
Founder, Alaana

The best feeling through this cohort that I got was a sense of belonging and feeling like a part of a community which can get extremely challenging when you are an entrepreneur. I would sincerely request Team Aspire For Her to keep on scheduling some programs to get all of us back together and we would love to continue this journey with you all! Thank you to all of you inspiring women, Entrepreneurs, the mentors and the team.

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