It's time to flout expectations.
It's time to tech up.

Welcome to our community.
This is your portal to a world of tech jobs and opportunities.

Here's the deal.

By 2025, India’s need for digitally skilled workers will increase by 9x.
That means, if you are trained in the right tech-enabled skills, you will be among the
most in-demand talent in the next few years! And of course, tech roles lead to higher
income when compared to traditional jobs.

That’s where Tech4Her comes in. This network enables you to learn these
skills from some of the best tech companies in the world. And all those great jobs and
opportunities we talked about? You can find them all right here.

Who should join?

“Me? A career in tech? No way!’

Did this thought just cross your mind? Hear us out! Anybody (and we mean anybody!) can take on tech careers.
And they should! The number of opportunities opening up are just too high to sit this one out.

Tech4Her is perfect for:

Students from STEM backgrounds

Students from
non-STEM related fields

Women returning to work after a break

Women working in non-technological careers

Women entrepreneurs

Upcoming events & opportunities

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How we
tech you

Tech4Her offers
tangible benefits through Aspire
For Her’s 5-point model.

  • Learn about the existing gender gap and the
    need to tech up
  • Learn from role models from Amazon, TCS,
    Mphasis & more
  • Break barriers by mapping your mindset and quipping yourself for opportunities.
  • Fill industry needs by getting trained in the most in-demand tech skills today
  • Join our cohorts to participate in hackathons, live coding sessions & project management events
  • Build perseverance, resilience and tech career tenacity with soft-skill training

Prepare for success by learning how to ace those tech interviews

  • Demystify  the opportunities available in cloud computing, data, AI?ML And more

Glimpse into the workdays of various tech professionals to know what their jobs involve

  • Know all about industry norms and opportunities through shared experiences
  • Smash impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs that impede success
  • Pave the way by building your CV, polishing your LinkedIn profile & more
  • Learn through internships, projects & hands-on training
  • Get employment, education and entrepreneurship opportunities through our job fair and virtual internships. Start your Tech Career

Why the need for Tech4Her?

Over the last few years, and especially in a post-Covid world, we have been noticing some huge
gender gaps in tech fields. See for yourselves: