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We are being talked about

I am Pinky Lakra. I studied till class XII and have played football at the state level in Odisha. I joined HER Sport Ki Champion because I need help finding a job to look after my family
Pinky Lakra
I am Lizalin Jena. I play basketball for the state of Odisha but I want a job, even after my sports career ends. I joined HER Sport Ki Champion to help me there.
Lizalin Jena

I am Urbasi Malik, a Basketball coach with SOA University in Bhubaneshwar.  I  joined  HER  Sport  Ki  Champion  to  learn English. In 4 months I feel confident. I have started speaking in English. I come from an economically weaker background in Kandhamal. My parents are farmers and not educated.I am a first generation graduate. I played Sport to have a future and earn well. Today through HER Sport Ki Champion I have also got an internship with WithStand Fitness, hoping to join a job soon. I give 10/10 to the program.

Urbasi Malik


I am Puja Behera. I joined HER Sport Ki Champion to learn English. I am grateful that they selected me. I am a 21 year old athlete. I want to prepare myself for a job alongside my athletics career. I got an internship with WithStand fitness. Hopefully this will lead to a job soon. Through HSKC I learnt communication  skills,  how  to  face  interviews  and  the connection with WithStand Fitness. I give 9/10 to the program.

Puja Behera

The game plan

See how our 5-point model works for you.

6- months intensive learning program that prepares you for jobs / entrepreneurship(this is for retired athletes )

1.Business English
2.Financial Literacy
3.Life Coaching

Get expert guidance from senior leaders and mentors within the industry of your choice.

1:1 Mentorship

Life Coaching

Know all the career options available to you, so you can explore, experiment and choose the best path for yourself, early on.

Form a network of peers to enjoy their support, share challenges and find solutions together, as a part of one community.

AspireForHer’s talent acquisition officer looks for opportunity and maps skills for jobs available.

Know about new jobs, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities to help you grow in your professional or academic career, or build a business.

What’s going on?

The motive behind the

The Indian sports landscape for women:
~6000 girls join professional sports every year

100% get to national &
international levels
Jobs, funds and resources are
mostly allocated to these players

99% play at the state level

  •  They drop out after this due to age or injury
  • Not many jobs, funds and resources allocated for them
  • Encourage more women to enter sports
  • Having dedicated their life to sports, they are often not trained to take up other professions

HER Sport Ki Champion
aims to:

• Create opportunities for the 90%
• Help build professional safety nets for women athletes
• Encourage more women to enter sports
• Maintain the gender ratio in sports-related careers
• Help boost India’s economy

Supported By:

Rica Roy

Her Sports Ki Champion CEO

Sanjana Lenka

Project Coordinator