Where do you
see yourself in 5 years?

At your dream job? Running your own business? At your first-choice university?
We see you there too. And here’s everything you’ll need.

Do you know just what you want to do in life or are you still figuring it out? Both are absolutely ok — and in both cases, we can help you with the way forward. After all, why take the tough route when you have a wealth of
resources, opportunities and jobs for women, all conveniently gathered in one awesome network?

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Shivani Vashistha

‘The programs are quite unique and impactful for young women and I am glad to have been a witness to them. Glad to have had a mentorship session which helped filter out my goals and makes a detailed plan to achieve them.’

Shivani Vashistha

Mahek Parekh

‘A great platform to connect with women from diverse fields and it has helped me learn so much! In the first month itself, I attended several webinars & had a mentorship program with Ms. Jean Fernandes who gave me excellent guidance’

Mahek Parekh

How can
we help?

Our 5-pronged approach offers all that you need to kickstart your career with a bang!

Identify your passions, set your goals and build a career plan. A mentor can play a valuable role in setting you on the right path at this stage in your journey.

Bridge skill gaps or learn new skills. Our sessions and workshops offer robust industry training as well as help with simpler capabilities like building your resume or honing your interview skills.

Delve into the careers of various professionals to know exactly which one is right for you. This is also great for exploring fantastic new jobs for women or knowing all about the next big industry.

Get help, support and ideas from your peers in different colleges. Find out what their aspirations are and how they are going about meeting it.

See who’s hiring, land an internship, find out how you can set up your business or explore the universities that will get you where you need to be. Your career begins here.

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