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Shilpa Jain

Shilpa Jain

What do flying cards, biomimetic devices, and satellite programs have in common?
Shilpa Jain

Shilpa Jain

What do flying cards, biomimetic devices, and satellite programs have in common?

Beauty/Fashion Blogger
Anushka Mulchandani Tata

You need to be consistent if you want to be a blogger. If your content is unique, people will follow…

Private Banker/Wealth Manager
Soumya Rajan

Wealth management, in particular, is a career where women can take a career break and come back to a mainstream job…

Nutritionist/ Dietician
Deepa Nandy

When you can see your clients’ health improving, it gives a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement. Being a nutritionist is also financially rewarding…

Food Entrepreneurs/ Patissiers
The Theobroma Sisters

The hard part of any endeavour is in the execution; getting the simple things consistently right…
Rica Roy

Rica Roy

Today’s media is very versatile, and one does not have to be a journalist to be a media person…

Maritime Industries
Sanjam Sahi Gupta

While it’s historically been a male dominated field, today maritime jobs are gender neutral. We have female Captains commanding ships…

Fashion Entrepreneur
Jag Gill

It’s important to be financially careful and prudent, to ruthlessly prioritise the businesses’ immediate and core needs…

Pharmaceutical Industries
Mitul Chatterjee

Ethics is the most important thing in this industry. We are dealing with products that save or cure lives. That is the first learning which is imparted…

Vaishali Solanki

I look at Google Earth and each structure is made by an architect. Architects are always going to be needed and it is a profession that will never die…

Computer Engineer
Sreerupa Sen

STEM makes you a part of that elite group of aspiring or successful innovators – you can have an amazing influence on the technological progress of the world…

Software Engineer
Madhubanti Mukharjee

Being in this field let me be part of the accelerated technological revolution in the last two decades and I continue to be excited about the future…

Anita Golani

With people in India beginning to prioritise the quality of life, the importance of wellness & hence aromatherapy has gained mammoth proportions…

Pharmaceutical Industries
Neelambaree Prasad

The pharmaceutical industry has one of the highest number of mergers and acquisitions every year, so the opportunities are plenty…

Corporate Communication
Paroma Roy Chowdhury

This is a career, where you can become a trusted advisor to the CEO and CXOs and have a proverbial seat at the table pretty fast…

Environmental Social Governance
Sevashree Mohapatra

What is the key to protecting our rivers? What are millennials passionate about?

Bank on Yourself
A preview to careers in Banking

What is the structure of a typical bank? What does it take to work in consumer....

Aerospace Engineering Professor
Dr. Sunetra Sarkar

There are enough opportunities. Do not stop at the UG level, please pursue at least Masters to exploit the field properly…