Turn dreams into action.

Help us create opportunities for underpriviledged girls and women across india.

          Welcome to the Aspire for Her Foundation. This is our official scholarship platform through
      which we empower girls and women form underprivileged backgrounds to access the
  resources they need to pursue their dreams and become financially independent.

We invite you to join us in creating a world of equal opportunity and growth.

Our mission:

To add 1million + women to
the workforce by 2025

To contribute 5billion + to
India’s GDP

To foster economic independence through education, sports and more

How we work

 All contributions received will be utilised to create:

Educational Opportunities


Talent nurturning

Skill building

Want to join
in and make
a difference?

Here a few ways in which you can be part
of the mission.

Contribute to our existing scholarship programs to amplify the impact we are already working to create.

Build a legacy of empowerment and growth by setting up a foundation in your loved one’s name.

Operating as a part of an organisation? We can help you create lasting impact through a sustained Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Help us amplify our reach by sharing our mission with those in your network.

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Our Foundations

The TK Sinha foundation

Set up in memory of Mr. TK Sinha, this foundation was
introduced by our founder and the CEO, Madura Dasgupta
Sinha. It works to sponsor higher education opportunities
for young women from underprivileged backgrounds.

The impact of this foundation

The scholarship this year has been awarded to Manisha Rai- a student aspiring to become a doctor.

She says:

‘My father inspired me to study for need. But due to my family’s financial condition, I used you to think that I would never be able to give my exam. I also never had any tuitions/guidance to help me clear my doubts.

Then I got selected for this scholarship. I truly feel like I can now do something to pursue my dreams. I can now get the best tutors and can give my exams.’

*Name change to to protect privacy

Hear from our contributors

Hear from our beneficiaries