They’ve been there, done that.
Now, they’re here to help
you do the same.

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of successful
women professionals in your industry.

It’s easier to remain motivated and achieve your goals when you have industry experts rooting for you and helping you on your way. That is why we have brought together a stellar line-up of 200+ women mentors from diverse fields. No matter what your ambitions are or what roadblocks you face, someone here should be able to help.

Mentorship Month with Adobe Leaders

Excited to learn from the best in the tech industry? These Salesforce leaders are here to guide you this month.


Our mentors come from a wide variety of industries and professional backgrounds.
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Learn and grow with help from world-class mentors

Our mentors come from various industries and backgrounds, and bring you professional perspective from their fields.

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Chhitra Subramaniam

Chhitra Subramaniam

Senior Vice President Creative & Production

Reliance Entertainment

They are also ready to offer

soft skills mentoring in areas like:

  • Confidence building
  • Executive presence
  • LinkedIn profile building
  • Resume building
  • Stress management
  • Networking and more

Power Talks - How it works

Flash mentorship: power 1’s.

1 Hour:

You will be paired with each mentor
for an impactful hour-long session.

1 Session :

Each mentor will guide you
over a single session.

1-on-1 guidance:

They will give you personalised advice
during that time.

The advantages of flash mentorship

Focussed attention

You get specific advice, customised for your goals and challenges.

Structured sessions

Since each session is just 1-hour long, they are more to-the-point and goal-oriented.

Mentee-focussed interactions

You can state your exact needs, and direct the course of the session as required.

Highly trained mentors

Our mentors undergo rigorous training to guide you effectively on the topic at hand..

Getting Started:

  • 1.Fill in our form to register as a mentee.
  • 2.Receive your dashboard login details.
  • 3.Proceed to select your mentor.

About power talks

Power Talks is brought to you collaboratively by Aspire For Her and Kérastase.

This partnership comes from a belief that the biggest career achievements come from a
few moments of immense courage. Of course, you would need confidence and motivation
to summon up that courage. That’s exactly what a mentor can help you develop.

Our mission:

To mentor
350 women in 2024

To organise
100+ sessions each month

To enable 1 million women to
enter the workforce by 2025

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