Return To Work Network

Making a
career comeback?

We’ll ensure you never look back.

It’s never too late to take a second shot at your career! Life may have come in between you and your professional dreams
before but this time, we’ll help you get back into the workforce and build a career that is truly sustainable – whether
you’ve been away for 2 years or 20.

See how we helped
your peers return to work:

Akshata Nayak

I have joined ANZ this Monday under their returnship program. Thank you Return To Work team for sessions and webinars.

Akshata Nayak

Aasma Akram

Thanks a lot, Aspire For Her team for letting us know about this IBM program. I have earned my first badge because of you guys. Heartfelt thanks to all.

Aasma Akram

A look at
our support

Here are 5 ways you can benefit from our community as you get back on your feet.

The right mentor will help you chart out your career journey, rebrand yourself, and make that career break your strength rather than weakness. Most importantly, they will keep your spirits up in a journey that can sometimes get overwhelming.
Learn how your industry evolved while you were away. Get trained on the tools and technology used in every workplace today. Master the crucial soft skills that can help you ace interviews and remain visible. 

Learn from the experiences of other women who have successfully made professional comebacks and have gone on to build powerful careers. See what worked for them and what didn’t, and learn about opportunities you may not have considered.

Receive support, strength and understanding from a community of women who have all been in your shoes before. Further, your peers can keep you updated on important industry trends and knowledge about the job market.

Find new jobs, land important ‘returnships’ and stay updated on volunteering opportunities that can segue into your next big career move. Or get crucial assistance in coming back to the workforce as the owner of your brand new business.

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Our inspiration and the journey so far

Every year, thousands of highly qualified women drop out of the workforce due to social expectations, family obligations
and other personal circumstances. Unfortunately, returning to the workforce has traditionally not been easy – with workplace biases, inflexible schedules, and lack of support and reskilling opportunities.

That was our motivation behind setting up the Return To Work Network.
Here are a few steps we have taken to affect large-scale change:

We have collaborated with organisations and corporate partners who are committed to creating return to work opportunities.


We have partnered with initiatives that offer crucial
technical training and learning opportunities.

VMinclusion Taara

Tales from our team

Did you know

Ruchita Tandon

Our Head of Alliances and Partnerships returned to work after a 22-year break.

Jaya Janardanan

Our mentor at Aspire For Her has set up a customer support unit in her organisation, where she works only with women who have returned to work.

Dipika Singh

Who leads our EntrepreNaari network, has had two career breaks in her professional life. Today she is the founder of the highly successful coaching company, She Means Business.