We are Aspire For Her.

We are a gender-diversity movement – and we use the power of communities to enable women to enter, persevere and thrive in the workforce. In doing so, we aim to uplift the economy.

Our vision:

• To enable over 1 million women to be a part of the economy

• To add $5 billion to India’s GDP through increased participation of women

• To achieve these goals by 2025

Our mission:

• To help women become financially independent

• To turn their career aspirations into actions

• To enable them be a part of at least one of the 3Es – Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship

Our origin story

We were born in March, 2020. But the idea behind this initiative was a long time sparking.

Meet our founder, Madhura DasGupta Sinha.

She grew up in a highly gender-equal household, with a feminist dad and a powerful, career-focussed mom. The idea of biases was wholly alien to her and she believed that women could do whatever they wanted to, if they were determined about it.

But then she started working. And she started having first-hand experiences with biases that only grew more prominent, the higher up the ladder she got. Eventually, she started hitting glass ceilings.

Although she continued striving, she now realised that determination and grit were not enough to get a woman where she wanted to be. The world needed to change to keep up with women’s ambitions.

She decided to do something about it. And on her 50th birthday, she did. She left her high-flying banking career to start Aspire For Her, together with her mother and her daughter.

More about them below

Madhura DasGupta Sinha

The women at the front line

Madhura DasGupta Sinha

Founder & CEO 

Divya Sampath

Growth Advisor

Poornima Shenoy

Strategy Advisor

Jaya Janardanan

Technology & Operations Advisor

The team who run the show


Ruchita Tandon

Chief Growth

Lekha Bajpai

Chief Technology

Bhavesh Patel

Head – Talent Acquisition & Education Initiatives
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Rica Roy

Lead –
Special Projects
Ruchita Tandon

Ruchita Tandon

Head – Partnerships & Alliances

Neeraja Ganesh

Head – Education Initiatives
Shohini DasGupta

Shohini DasGupta

Head – Operations
Priti Menon_400 x 400 Pxl

Priti Menon

Community Lead – EntrepreNaari

A few key things about us