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Prabha Rani

This course gave me practical examples of the latest methodologies and tools and offered a peep into the world of Google through its employees.

Rizwana Kazi

Google Project Management was a good refresher program with hands-on practice.

Twinkle Shaiju

Completing this course helped upgrade my resume. I got to know about a lot of non-familiar topics that are important for my career growth.

Aparajitha S

The Google Project Management program gave me a lot of confidence and helped me upskill. Getting into the management side has always been my aspiration!

Chaitra Vijay Kundargi

The course gets you job-ready by letting you explore various technical domains and apply them to real-world organisational needs.

Ruchi Bhati

 I have started getting interview calls after adding this certificate on my resume.


A great foundation to understanding data analysis! Since I work closely with researchers, this has certainly helped me get an edge.

Shiny Sam John

This program is an investment in my future. It has built my confidence and prepared me well for interviews in addition to offering me crucial knowledge.

Suvarna Lakshmi

The courses improved my confidence levels. Thanks to support from the Aspire For Her community, I could challenge myself.

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