what is your story

What is your

We are our own brand ambassadors. While we can speak about having mentors and sponsors who will talk about our achievements inside and outside organisations .....Read More

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Anchal Gangwal, recently commissioned in the Indian Air Force is a tea seller’s daughter. She was inspired by an IAF personnel during the Kedarnath tragedy in 2013 .....Read More

Women In Defence

Women In

Early in the morning, on the
twenty-sixth of February 2010, Kabul woke up to a deafening noise — a huge blast and continuous loud gunfire, bullets raining from .....Read More

Are you T-Shaped?

Are you T-Shaped?

I heard about the term ‘T-shaped’ some years ago and was happy to have learnt a new terminology but didn’t think too much about it at that time. I realised the importance of.....Read More

Women empowerment through ethical fashion

Women empowerment through ethical fashion

As women now drive the world economy through their increasing participation in economic, social, and political activities, we shouldn’t forget about the purchasing power .....Read More

Anatomy of a Good Girl

Anatomy of a
Good Girl

Am I a good girl?
Objectively speaking, yes I am. I am focused and independent, I am ambitious, I have good work ethics, and lastly, there isn’t a lot of evidence to.....Read More

Women in Cardiology

Women in Cardiology

It was like any other vacuous quarantine Sunday. I was sitting in my living room trying to watch my professor talk about organic chemistry on Zoom. As if my impatience didn’t already make it hard enough to grasp.....Read More

Women In Espionage

Women In

Growing up, I am sure that all of us have seen a lot of spy cartoons, shows, movies, and even read books about them. I personally loved female spies defeating the.....Read More

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