Are you visualising your goal?

Are you visualising
your goal?

And, now that you have set your goals, how do you achieve them? The simple answer is to work towards them!
Have you ever visualised your goal? .....Read More

NeerSpires: Be Yourself

Be Yourself

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”
I think this statement is so much more applicable today than ever before, be it in one’s choice of education .....Read More

In The Eyes Of Law

In The Eyes
Of Law

While we say we live in a modern society, gender inequality is still evident in many professions, one of which is the legal profession. The legal field is one that has historically been .....Read More

Unfollow Be More The Jacintha Series

Be More — The Jacintha Series

Lost. Bewildered.
Numbed and then
The light..
Unfollow it said.....Read More

Women In Civil Services

Women In
Civil Services

The other day I got to know a friend of mine was hunting for a job. I know nothing is strange in doing that but I knew how badly she wanted to be an IPS. She was preparing for .....Read More

NeerSpires : Time is Money

NeerSpires :
Time is Money

“And the next book that we will be reading is …. And we meet on 17th May, as always the third Monday of the month at 5 pm to discuss the book”. opened my Google Calendar .....Read More

LifeStyle of Working Wo‘men

LifeStyle of
Working Wo‘men’

‘She’ wakes up before the morning walkers of the locality; she can cook Italian to Chinese, North Indian to South Indian cuisine. She manages to attend the meeting .....Read More

Flag Bearers Of Reel Feminism

Flag Bearers Of
Reel Feminism

Have you ever googled the meaning of the word — boss? If you have, then you would know that all descriptions and meaning indicate a male. Why are the qualities of a .....Read More

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