Battling depression, breaking Guinness World Records & breaking into the tech field – Dipali Gupta

I am Dipali Gupta. I have 10+ years of work experience in various industries like satellite communication, healthcare and retail – and today, I am the Project Manager at Ramco Systems, Chennai. But what you don’t know about me is that before my current role, there was a 6-year period during which I was not only on a career break, but was also battling depression.

I come from a family of accomplished doctors and I’m married to the kindest and most supportive man. My life experiences have always taught me that there is nothing a woman cannot do. But after I got married, I moved abroad with my husband – and that’s when my career break took place.

I suffered from depression during this phase and exploring my interests was something that helped me battle it and get back out there. I threw myself into these interests. I embraced alternative healing therapies. I delved into the world of crochet, became a Certified Yarn Council Teacher, and earned 3 Guinness world records with my art. I continued upskilling with professional courses like project management, business analysis and more.

Then during the early days of Covid, we returned to India and I started looking for ways to get back to work. I knew I needed some mentoring – so when I came across Aspire For Her on a social media platform, I signed up right away. This opened a world of opportunities for me. I didn’t belong to the tech field but I took a leap of faith and registered for some AWS courses through SheDares. I gained tech knowledge, new skills and industry know-how. I could see myself getting more confident and I started speaking up like never before.

Now, I have not only managed to break into the tech field, but am gearing up to break new barriers with this community of courageous women. I love that the communities here are made to build up women and not tear them down. Here’s to changing the narrative and embracing collaboration over competition, always!

My advice to women like me would be to constantly challenge yourself and overcome your mental blocks. Make use of every opportunity offered by initiatives like Aspire For Her. Thank you, Aspire For Her, for bringing such a wonderful opportunity to us!