A 16 year work gap, a family crisis and a career comeback with a dream company – B. Usha Kumari

I am B. Usha Kumari, a homemaker from Visakhapatnam, and I am making my career comeback this year.

I started my career as a Telecom Engineer at HSBC and worked there from 2005-2007 before I went on a break. I did not know it then, but this break would last 16 years. Unfortunately, it was a crisis situation that gave me the push I needed.

In 2015, my husband developed Parkinson’s disease. His company got dissolved, and over the next 5 years, we ended up using up all that we had saved for our kids’ future to sustain our living and medical expenses.

All through my career break, I had never stopped upskilling – and this time was no different. In 2020, one of my friends advised me to learn AWS Cloud Computing and I started attending all webinars and live sessions by AWS in this domain.

Last year on LinkedIn, I came across Aspire For Her’s platform for women who are looking to restart their careers, and got to know about SheDares India. The community at Aspire For Her and SheDares India truly motivated and encouraged me to strive towards my career goals. It was my dream to get a job at Amazon – and with their support and learning opportunities, I did it! I have been offered a position as Associate Technical Account Manager (ATAM) at AWS Second Innings, and I’m currently awaiting my joining letter. 

My sincere thanks to Madhavi Shapeti, Ruchita Tandon, Madhura Dasgupta Sinha & Amit Mehta who have given me this wonderful opportunity to get back to work! And to every woman in SheDares and in India – I highly encourage each of you to dare to pursue your career dreams. Without doubt, SheDares India, AWS & Aspire For Her shall make them come true! If I can do it after a 16 year work gap, you can do it too!