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What’s coming up: Our AI events

We have some exciting AI learning sessions to get you started. Are you ready to go?

Unleashing Innovation: The Generative AI Revolution

Level: Foundational

GenerativeAI is an incredible tool. But how can we use it in a responsible and tactical way to drive innovations so that it is a true asset for society? Find out:

• All about AI and ML
• How machine learning algorithms learn
• How artificial neural networks work
• The difference between discriminative and generative AI
• How Large Language Models (LLMs) are trained for text generation
• How diffusion models are trained for image generation
• The issues surrounding responsible and inclusive use of Generative AI

5 PM - 7:30 PM (IST)

Coming Soon : Delve into Generative AI

Level: Beginner

This is an A-Z guide on GenerativeAI for those looking to step into this space and learn the basics.
Through fun challenges, demos and references, you’ll learn all about:

• GenerativeAI and its uses
• Large Language Models (LLMs)
• GenerativeAI solutions on AWS
• Foundational models and more

Courses unlocked: Top AI resources

As AI continues to evolve at breakneck speed, you’ll have to do the same! Our partners at AWS have got you covered.

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Test your knowledge, build credibility, and unlock new opportunities with industry-standard certifications by AWS.

AWS Certified AI Practitioner

Demonstrate your skills in AI, Machine Learning and Generative AI. Earn a certification that will give you an edge as you advance in your career.

Prepare for this exam with these resources from AWS.

Standard Exam Prep Plan:

AWS Certified AI Practitioner (AIF-C01

Enhanced Exam Prep Plan:

AWS Certified AI Practitioner (AIF-C01)

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