Aadita Rajiv


Meet Aadita Rajiv, who’s our youngest #EntrepreNaari so far! Like any 12-year-old, Aadita loves reading, playing video games and listening to stories. But as of this year, she is also the author of her very own book! 

She started working on this new passion of hers last year. During the lockdowns, Aadita’s father would narrate stories to keep her and her brother occupied during dinner. But for Aadita, these stories would not be just stories. With her creative imagination and a keen interest in movie-making, she would always wonder, ‘If it were a movie, how would it be?’

This tactic of visualising helped her write her own story — and that’s how her new book, ‘The Lion Kid’ came to be. And it’s an exciting one too! It’s about a 10-month old baby boy called Yugi, who gets separated from his mother at a zoo and finds himself trapped in a lion’s den!

Guess how she came up with her main character’s name? Aadita’s little brother, who’s just 8, has a habit of abbreviating entire sentences into the first letters of the words. So if he wanted to say ‘You go inside’, he’d just say YGI. A true representative of the digital native generation, right? But this is exactly what inspired Aadita to name her protagonist Yugi!

Congratulations, Aadita, on having the creativity and initiative to write and publish a book at the age of 12! We cannot wait to read the story — and are excited to see what you come up with next.