Be More — The Jacintha Series

Unfollow Be More The Jacintha Series

Lost. Bewildered.

Numbed and then



The light..

Unfollow it said

The old traditions

The frightening narratives

The shouting

The snares

The poisonous barbs

The expectations

The compulsions

The rituals

The media

The medium

The many arrows


The new forces

The voices

The urges



The scream that says

Be the one, the number one.

Unfollow I did

The outside

The race

The jostling

The crowd

The bull

The bear

Unfollowed and I found

I am the one

The number one.

No need to follow

No followers needed

Just the one

The only one




The race was mine

The pace was fine

The space my universe

It’s citizen just me.

The race,the space, the pace

Just mine.

The win was in the race

Staying, Leading,

Being me.

Things I would tell myself when I was younger, setting off on discovering life and building a career for me, would be just this. I would tell myself the following things and follow it through too. And I so wish, when I was in my twenties someone told me to unfollow and I so wish I had listened too. This is for all the young women who are on that cusp of life, ready to soar.

A few principles to know and live by, as a happy person , feeling successful and knowing happiness. It’s not just about life and career, or work and life, or about balance and the lack of it, it is really about being you.

So here are five principles that I will swear by.

Follow and you will fit in,

Unfollow to stand out.

2. Follow and you are a crowd

Unfollow to stay unique

3. Follow to chase

Someone else’s dream.

Unfollow and reach

Your own destination

4. Follow to be accepted

Unfollow to strike it new

5 Follow to remain a shadow

Unfollow to be alive

The questions when one is young are many and answers are never easy, but they are to be discovered and savored. Some bitter, some fun, some happy and some sad. But as you set out on your life remember unfollow and be

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