How a young girl managed to pay her school fees and complete her basic education – Dr. Annoottam Ghosh

At the heart of this story is Dr. Annoottam Ghosh, a member of our supporter community. Dr. Ghosh’s mother had lived most of her life outside India, and had always wanted to do something for the people of her country. She was especially keen on helping underprivileged students in India, as she believed that everyone deserves a chance to better their lives through quality education. When she passed away, Dr. Ghosh decided to use her legacy to make her dream come true.

A few months back, he got to know about a situation here at Aspire For Her, where Ashima (name changed to protect privacy), a girl in 12th standard, was on the brink of dropping out from school. Ashima had recently lost her father, and this unexpected tragedy had pushed her family on to hard times. Ashima’s mother was unable to pay her school fees, which meant that Ashima would not be able to complete her basic education.

When Dr. Ghosh heard of this, he asked to get on a call with Ashima and her mother, to ascertain the situation. The next day, Ashima’s school fees had been paid in full.

‘I am retired now, and my kids have grown up. I am fortunate enough that I did not need that money. I am glad to have been able to carry on my mother’s wishes and enable a young girl to complete her education,’ Dr. Ghosh stated with a smile.

Here’s to supporters like Dr. Ghosh, who work to ensure that girls get ahead with access to good education.